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Maintenance Plans:

We offer an annual maitenance plan.  Our annual plan includes a 25 point inspection and cleaning. This plan also, includes 10% off all parts for any unscheduled service calls while under contract.


- Check unit for proper refigerant pressures.

- Check all electrical wires and connections.

- Check condenser coils.

- Check for proper fan amperage.

- Check for proper compressor amperage.

- Check the points on the capacitors.

- Check fan blades for damage and balance.

- Check Reversing Valve.

- Check Accumulators.

- Check condition of Driers.

- Check the Crank Case Heater for proper operation.

- Test and check Defrost Board.

- Check for proper amperage on blower.

- Check for proper amperage on Heat Strips.

- Check all float switches for proper operation.

- Check all Valves and Caps for proper fit.

- Check for air leakes at and around the Plenum.

- Check the Temperature Slips.

- Check Evaporator coils for proper static air pressures.

- Vaccum Drain Lines.

- Clean and disenfect interior of Equipment.

- Clean outdoor Condenser coils.

- Remove vegetation from around outdoor condenser unit.

- If supplied by customer change Air Filter.

- Review all findings and conditions with customer. Make recommendations as needed to extend life of current unit. We do   not just hand you a check list and leave.

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